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At Kazoo Audio, we supply a wide variety of audio and video equipment to ensure that every customer finds just what they need. With so many options available in today’s market, we make sure to stock and sell only the highest-quality electronic and audio systems from leading manufacturers.

Award winning high end audio video products. Superb quality in amplifiers, receivers, and more.
One of the dominant and best value manufacturers in our industry who’s roots date back over 100 years ago. 
A British high end manufacturer whom is noted for being one of the only manufacturers in high end audio who produces a complete system including very high quality turntables.  
The very prestigious USA manufacturer of high end turntables including the newly released and critically acclaimed Prime Signature.
Pioneer Elite
Let us count the years this company has been leading the way in performance and innovation. A dealer and customer favorite for eons.  
If our sales guys call this a dvd player they will be forced to shave their head. This is a miracle box. Check out the hot reviews.
One of the oldest and the largest manufacturers of musical instruments that brings this musical reality to their consumer audio gear.  Yamaha is uniquely and completely committed to 2 channel and home theater gear for the music and home theater enthusiasts. 
The broadcast studio industry standard barer in TVs bringing that performance to their consumer TVs and home theater projectors.
Panamax and Furman
Power to the gear Masters in surge suppressions and power conditioning. Incredible warranties and protection policies for your peace of mind.
An industry standby in affordable high end electronics. 
Who doesn’t know Samsung.
An unparalleled performance for the money projection TV’s. 
A German audio specialists who may be the best in hybrid hifi electronics.
Prima Luna
Awesome creations in tubeology. Analog has never been so proud with these Stout, reliable, and beautifully designed tube amplifiers.
This company has the most unique looking and best sounding Bluetooth products available.
Audio world’s favorite music streaming product and has been described by the Wall Street Journal as “Google for your music”. 
Acoustic Zen
Providing some of the most affordable ultra high end speakers as well as a tremendous audio cable company.
Music Hall
Another high quality British turntable company.
The ultimate power management product company.
The company at the top of their game in analog and digital systems.
Did anybody say Hi Fidelity? Paradigm did with an amazing array of awesome sounding products. Their value is second to none.
Rock and Roll FOREVER. Incredible power sipping sound for those who like to turn em up. Home theater monsters. Many commercial theaters use Klipsch. Quality plus.
Worlds best thin speakers with excellence in fidelity and value. Favored child of industry’s most prestigious audio publications.
Martin Logan
“The” name in electrostatic speakers. Their sound has to be heard to be believed. You must come in and experience the Martin Logans.
JL Audio
The most prestigious name in subwoofers.
70 year old sister Company to Pioneer Elite who comes to the table with excellent home audio and theater product selections.
Europe’s and the HIFI industries oldest Turntable manufacturer.
Premium quality contemporary furniture for your audio video needs.
The first in our industry to offer affordable OLED big screen TVs.
McIntosh – The world’s most honored audio brand brought to you by Kazoo Audio.

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