home theater systems

Home Theater Systems

Bring the Theater Home!

The introduction of the VCR enabled anybody to rent or buy movies to watch at home. However, watching a movie on your TV didn’t have nearly the same effect as seeing it on the big screen. Now, Kazoo Audio can help you turn your TV room into a home theater!
Thanks to advances in technology, such as 4k projectors and lightweight flat screen HD TVs, home theater systems are much less expensive and come with many more choices.
Kazoo Audio offers everything needed to fully outfit dynamic home theater systems. With products featuring Dolby Digital and Dolby Atmos technology, you’ll feel like you’re sitting in the movie theater while enjoying a movie from the comfort of your home.
Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will help you decide on the perfect components to outfit your home theater system. We also provide expert design and installation so that all you need to worry about is the popcorn.

Key Benefits of Home Theater Systems:

Family movie night.
Slow down for a couple hours and spend time watching a movie with your family – and think of the money you will save on tickets and snacks.
The Big Game.
Can’t get tickets to the big game – no problem! Enjoy sports and your favorite team on the big screen.
Video Games.
With HDMI inputs and Smart TV technology you can connect to your favorite video games and experience awesome graphics – play your games the way they are meant to be played.

Devices for Home Theater Systems

Sound Bar.

A long and slim bar with several loudspeaker drivers delivers the movie-quality sound you desire. Many models include a subwoofer.


Component System.

Includes source components such as a disc player, audio/video receiver, and speakers.

Component Separates.

Preamplifier/processor and power amplifiers replace the receiver of a component system for higher quality reproduction.



Flat screen TVs or projectors provide screen sizes in the range of 50” and up that are ideal for creating a home theater experience.

However you choose to put together the components for your home theater system, Kazoo Audio has knowledgeable employees that can help you create a dynamic home theater system that perfectly fits your space.

Authentic Theater Experience

This is for the movie buff who wants a truly authentic movie experience. The two-piece projection system is the classic projector and screen. It is best suited for a theater room where you can completely control the lighting. Some manufacturers do offer screens and projectors that are designed for being used in brighter environments.
There are many types of projectors that range from the high-end expensive to the mid-level and entry-level. The type of projector depends on how much you want to spend.
Projection screens come in pull-up/down, motorized or fixed frame. When buying a screen, it’s essential to know what size and shape screen you want. There is the standard 16:9 that’s perfect for HDTV or a 2.35:1 that doesn’t have black bars when showing movies.
Home theaters are not limited to screens and projectors thanks to flat-panel TV technology. Hang the TV on the wall of your home theater room and plug in the sound and devices. Flat-panel TVs are much more affordable so you can get a much bigger screen for less money. An advantage of flat-panel TVs is you can watch them in any type of lighting.
Home Theater Systems wouldn’t be complete without considering the acoustics and design of the room. Adding a home theater system to an existing room may limit design flexibility, while creating a new space for the home theater provides endless possibilities. Either way, seating, lighting, and how to set up the acoustics are essential considerations to creating an authentic home theater experience. Kazoo Audio is the place to go to obtain the advice, products, and services to achieve that experience in your home.

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