A home security system is a small investment that can vastly improve your physical security and provide an ongoing sense of ease and protection for you and your family. A security system can also secure company assets, protect staff and customers, and reduce legal liability when applied to business purposes.

Kazoo Audio provides a basic overview of modern security systems — in addition, we’ll answer questions such as what a home security system does. How does it protect your house? And why should you consider getting one installed?

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What Is a Security System, and How Does it Work?

Security systems are integrated electronic devices designed to monitor one’s premises, record video and audio, and send alerts upon intrusion (or other parameters). Essential security components include cameras, microphones, networking devices, keypads or key fobs, and software. Other accessories may be included, depending on the system’s features.

The best home security systems provide a variety of valuable functions, such as:

  • Automatic notifications
  • Infrared or night vision
  • Motion-detection
  • Battery backup
  • Siren alerts
  • Panic buttons
  • Livestream footage
  • Network access & control
  • Security service notifications

With wireless networking, modern security systems can be monitored and controlled easily from any location with network access. This also prevents the need to drill into walls and run cables throughout the property — reducing their mark on the physical space while keeping the devices more covert.

Some prefer local, non-wireless systems, eliminating the need to manage increased technical network security needs. Note that these can still be monitored remotely through cellular or landline communications systems. There are pros and cons, but the best security systems will be those installed by experienced industry professionals. They alone will be familiar with a wide variety of security systems and can vouch for the specific equipment they know to be most effective.

Beyond the technology involved, how do home security systems work? The true utility of a security system is in how well the components are synced together to accomplish three primary goals:

  1. Deter intrusion if at all possible
  2. Detect intrusion immediately
  3. Notify the proper parties of any suspected intrusion

When an Intrusion Occurs, What Happens?

Depending on the circumstances of a suspected intrusion, a number of things can be programmed to occur automatically. You’ll want to work with your trusted installation experts to customize your system’s settings most appropriate for your exact needs, but the following is a typical scenario.

For professionally monitored systems, an alert will go to the security company’s monitoring center. They will call the number on file, and if answered, they’ll ask for a “safe word” to ensure the owner of the system or their loved ones are not in danger. If the call is unanswered or incorrectly answered, the security company will escalate their measures to emergency dispatch centers if the customer has pre-authorized them to do so.

The security system can also be programmed to notify the owner directly through a variety of networking devices. An alarm can be triggered to automatically go off if an entry point sensor is activated.

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What Are the Pros and Cons of Having a Home Security System?

Security systems assure you and your loved ones of the ongoing safety of your property, along with (most importantly) everyone and things inside of it. The most versatile and reliable home security technology can extend beyond protection from burglaries, alerting you to fire, smoke, and carbon monoxide.

It can also:

  • Lower insurance rates
  • Monitor properties, pets, and staff remotely
  • Automatically alert trusted security personnel
  • Identify unique sounds (e.g., glass breaking)

With the heightened versatility of modern security equipment, perhaps the best question to ask is, how do home security systems work to protect you from the broadest possible threats?

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Kazoo Audio | Securing Properties Across the Southwest Michigan Area

When security is on the line, expert installation is not optional. If your property and those you care about are important enough to secure, then ensure it’s done to the highest possible standards. Kazoo Audio’s security system professionals are Michigan’s preeminent experts in the industry’s most reliable security equipment.

We serve the entire Southern Michigan area, including Kalamazoo, Portage, Lakeshore, and Northern Indiana. If you have any questions or want to upgrade your home security drastically, don’t hesitate to contact us — and rest easy, knowing your most valuable assets and loved ones are secure.

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