You need more than one speaker to create an immersive audio experience. Bluetooth 5.0 can connect numerous devices with modern technology, but not everyone has Bluetooth 5.0-enabled accessories. So, if you are searching for “how to connect multiple Bluetooth speakers?” Then you’ve come to the right place! We’ve put our detailed knowledge about connecting multiple Bluetooth speakers into this blog post just for you!

Connect Multiple Bluetooth Speakers to the TV

There are numerous brands and types of smart TVs in the market. It is advisable to consult the user manual or get in touch with support to find out if your TV can play dual audio. Activation is relatively simple if your smart TV has dual audio capabilities.

On the “Settings” menu:

  • Tap on the “Bluetooth” settings.
  • Choose “Advanced Bluetooth Options”
  • Then select “Dual Audio.”

You can connect extra speakers even if your TV doesn’t support dual audio, but you’ll require a third-party app.

Connect Multiple Bluetooth Speakers to iPhone

Connecting several Bluetooth speakers is straightforward if you have the most recent version of iOS. The two speakers should have identical specifications. If one speaker is significantly older, they might not converse effectively with others.

After each Bluetooth speaker is linked to your iPhone, apply the following steps:

  1. Use one of the speakers to play audio or video.
  2. Open the “Control Center.”
  3. Select the linked speaker by tapping the “Airplay” icon.
  4. To view the devices now playing music, select the “Music” icon.
  5. Select the “Share Song” button

Don’t worry if you’re still using an older version of iOS. With third-party apps, you can still connect several Bluetooth speakers.

Explore Products That Easily Enable Audio to Multiple Speakers

A wireless multi-room speaker system is the most convenient way to enjoy music, podcasts, and other audio entertainment in multiple rooms. The following are some of the best options for wireless multi-room speaker systems.

Bluetooth speaker



Sonos continues to dominate this technology market segment due to its unrivaled support for streaming services, voice assistants, and a vast array of linked items.

Multi-room devices consist of the Sonos One and One SL, the Sonos Beam, the Sonos Arc Play:5, the Playbase, the Playbar, the Sonos Sub, and the IKEA Sonos speakers. The Sonos One is an excellent starting point. It is less expensive than most high-end Bluetooth speakers.

For more excellent sound or larger spaces, the high-end Sonos Five offers a huge soundstage, and a pair can compete with similarly priced midrange bookshelf speakers without an amplifier.


The Edifier presents itself as an all-encompassing solution. Bluetooth adds convenience to the interconnected world of today. The 4-inch woofer is intended to produce clear studio sound.

Typically, speakers at this price point offer limited connectivity options. The Edifier comes with the expected RCA connection options. In addition, they offer optical and coaxial connection choices. These digital options make them suitable for connecting to a television or computer.


Soundcast is in its class compared to many of the best Bluetooth speakers capable of producing high volumes. Their speakers are not merely designed for background music; they are intended to play loudly and clearly. In addition, the Bluetooth speakers have great bases that allow them to balance effortlessly on sand or snow.

Its Bluetooth pairing functions flawlessly on all devices, and a phone can communicate with them from up to 100 feet away. In addition, the speakers utilize High-Definition AAC and aptX Bluetooth® codecs for superior sound.

Every model except the entry-level one offers Bluetooth NFC pairing that is as simple as holding your phone close to the device. The basic model can store five phone numbers, while all others can store eight.

Find the Best Bluetooth & Wireless Speaker Solutions

Whether you are looking for a Bluetooth or wireless speaker to take with you outdoors or in different rooms of your home, there are several models to choose from currently on the market.

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